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Jennifer Lawrence got an Oscar nomination for the impeccable Winter’s Bone, where she proved her chops as an actress in a tremendous indie production. She also, as you may have heard, headlined The Hunger Games, which just scored the third highest-grossing opening weekend of all-time. In between projects, though, she shot House at the End of the Street, which just got a trailer which you can watch above.

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Poll Results – Is Black Hawk Down Too Combat Intense?

All About War Movies

More than a year ago I asked the question on this blog whether  Black Hawk Down was too combat intense. Someone had made this comment and I was astonished because I thought the intensity of the combat in Black Hawk Down was one of the reasons why it was such an extremely powerful movie. I checked the poll a few times in the beginning and the forgot about it. The other day I had a look and the result is interesting.

26 people have answered the question. 50% think that it isn’t too combat intense, 13% however thought, that yes, indeed it was too intense. Another 20% thought that it should be even more intense and the remaining people didn’t care.

I’m still surprised anyone would think it is too combat intense but maybe we would have to know what they mean. Black Hawk Down depicts the Battle of…

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Between Love & Hate: Love In The Buff and Marrying Mr. Perfect film reviews


Two romantic comedies that I saw on my trip to Hong Kong radically demonstrate two different aspects of popular Hong Kong movies today, and are possible indicators of the fate of the local film scene. Although once upon a time loyal Hong Kong audiences ardently supported local film productions, in the past ten or fifteen years interlopers first from Hollywood and now mainland China have been chipping away at the once indomitable Hong Kong film industry.

Pang Ho-Cheung’s Love in the Buff, the sequel to his 2010 film Love in a Puff, is a funny, smart flick that picks up shortly after the first film ends. The first film perfectly captured the irreverent lifestyle and language of young adults in Hong Kong and the sequel continues in the same vein. Instead of locating itself smack dab in the middle of Hong Kong’s young urban professional milieu, the film…

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Glen Tylee

Technology over the past twenty years has changed our lives more than ever believed possible. We are all connected to the internet all the time. Within seconds we can let the world know how we feel, where we are and who we are with. If we get lost or want to know an obscure fact, we can have all the answers just by reaching into our pocket and using our phones. But where to from here?

The next twenty years will give us technology that we cant even dream of yet, but for now, we can see the beginning of what is to come, and here’s what we have to look forward to…

Google Wallet – It works with a chip in your phone called an NFC chip. So we will see transactions in the future being made by phones linked to your bank account rather than carrying a wallet…

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How did The Rock get his nickname?


What can I learn today?

As I have already complained written about several times this week, I embarked on a massive spring cleaning project at the start of my current holidays.

Part of this involved loading all my CDs on to iTunes. And while I talked the other day about finding enough Kylie Minogue to make me happy, there was one other disc that really caught my eye – and not in a good way. It was called You Can’t See Me and was released by John Cena, a name that will be instantly familiar to rednecks and young boys as he’s a superstar of the wrestling word.

Anyway, while he seems to have a decent voice I can’t say I found much inspiration in tracks such as Don’t F*** With Us, which I imagine is a sensitive exploration of the human psyche. But it did remind me I’d been seeing adverts for a WWE…

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Week Ten

Keelan Foley

I used Wednesday to finalize the Enchanted Ireland Tours website. I populated the multimedia bar on  the bottom of the page with a choice selection of Images depicting Irish countryside and landscape scenes. I also worked on bulking up the content some more. After this I added two news articles to the homepage. Aswell as helping with SEO, these articles are informative and provide helpful information to visitors on  the website. I presented the finished website to Francis, my academic supervisor. He was happy with the finished site and we signed off on the project.

On Thursday I finished my work on the Lakemount House B&B promotional video. I chose to incorporate some extra images in the video. The first was of a bathroom, to show that the rooms were all en suite. The second image was of a breakfast. I felt that this was important as the breakfast meal…

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Nice info

Fastmetrics Business Internet & Phone Services Blog

Many small businesses use DSL or aDSL2+ as their primary Internet service connection. DSL connections do offer good value to small business users.

Proceed with caution when any ISP guarantees the speed of an aDSL2+ or DSL connection, even after you are told your location qualifies.

aDSL2+ and DSL are distance sensitive Internet connections. Speed will depend on your location and your distance from the CO or Central Office.

For example, you find an aDSL2+ connection with advertised speeds of 15mbps / 1mbps. However, depending on distance, there may be up to a 1.5mbps variation on the 15mbps.

Your equipment (router) should be set up to receive the full 15mbps.  Confirm with your ISP that this is the case.

If you do need guaranteed speeds, go for a T1, bonded T1 or fiber. These Internet connections are more costly, but speed is symmetric, consistent and uptime is more reliable.


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