Don’t Jump On The ‘Pebble’ Bandwagon Just Yet!

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At the time of writing, the Pebble Smartwatch, the newest innovation to take the internet by storm, has amassed over 29,914 backers who have pledged between them over $4,307,048 towards the companies Kickstarter venture. This is over 4309% of what the company hoped to receive from putting their project on the grass-roots funding website, and they still have 30 days left to generate more backers and income. No doubt, with all the hype surrounding their invention from bloggers around the Internet like me, this will continue to grow over the next month to astronomical levels

This achievement is noteworthy in itself, and the use of Kickstarter to fund design projects and fund businesses is something I will write an article about in the future (look out for that one soon!) However, despite all the fuss whipped up by the huge amount of backers, I personally cannot see the point in…

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Hyundai promises quicker deliveries of i20 and Verna diesel models


ImageImageHyundai promises quicker deliveries of i20 and Verna diesel models

Hyundai will produce 10,500 diesel units of these two models up from the current 7,000 unit mark. As an effect, the waiting period for the Verna will drop from six months to two-three months while the new i20′s waiting will be brought down to about a month.

Diesel engines are currently imported from Korea but the buzz in the market is that there is a plan to launch a diesel engine plant in India and manufacture engines that can be fitted on to cars like the Eon and the next generation i10.


Facebook buys Instagram for USD 1 billion, users left fuming

Facebook buys Instagram for USD 1 billion, users left fuming

Social networking website Facebook will soon acquire the photo sharing company Instagram for USD 1 billion paid in cash and stock.

“I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an update on his profile page on Monday.

Zuckerberg said the Instagram team will continue to function independently, and that the idea behind the acquisition was to simply offer the best way for sharing mobile photographs with people based on one’s interests.

“…we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook,” Zuckerberg said.

“Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people,” he added.

After the integration, users will have the ability to post photos on other social networks. They will also be able to opt out of sharing their Instagrams on Facebook.

A user will also be able to have followers and follow people separately from her Facebook friends, Zuckerberg said.

The Instagram buyout is the largest ever acquisition by Facebook. The USD 1 billion payment to buy the photo sharing company values it higher than The New York Times, a Huffington Post report pointed out.

So far, Instagram employs a total of seven people, and has “yet to make any money”, the report adds.

Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex

The uninitiated keep wondering how it feels, the more seasoned ones vow by its pleasures and no one can ever say NO to it—yes, I am talking about Sex.

Though it occupies the human mind unlike anything else, it seems that most people don’t realize that sex isn’t just about fulfilling your carnal desires. There is sufficient, unquestionable scientific proof that underlines the health benefits of sex. In fact, sex surfaces as one of the most comprehensive and effective activities you can indulge in from a health perspective. Some of the most documented and proven health benefits of sex have been listed below:

Sex Boosts Your Immunity
The principle of your mind and body’s health being interrelated is best exemplified by sex. For starters, the act raises the synthesis of immunoglobulins. These are antibodies or our immunity compounds that help us fight infections. People with a more-than-basic level of sexual activities, per week, tend to retain a higher immunoglobulin concentration, making them more immune to common infections.

Sex Alleviates Common Infertility Problems
With stressful lifestyles, many men are prone to suffering from lowered sperm count or poor semen quality. These are serious barriers for couples trying to conceive. It has been researched that regular and enjoyable sex helps men to overcome these issues. Their semen improves in quality and quantity and the stress-relieving properties of sex ensure that their sperm is healthier, more motile and penetrable. The act of sex ensures that blood is properly circulated across the body, including the penile tissues, and absorption of nutrients is more uniform.
Sex Relieves Stress
Overall reduction of stress is perhaps the biggest, most widely-accepted benefit of sex. It is believed that higher anxiety and stress levels are responsible for initiating most health problems prevalent today. With regular sex, psychological health is improved, particularly problems related to mood swings, depression and sleep. The act of intercourse helps to stimulate production of hormones that are required for overcoming stress and ensuring healthier behavior.

Sex Keeps You Physically Fitter
Sex has an amazing calorie-burning and cardiovascular conditioning effect. It exercises nearly every muscle of the body, including areas like the abdomen, hips and thighs that are the common weight-gain areas for most people. Sex might not help you become muscular but it works-out the body in a beautiful manner. The increased supply of blood means that the body has a greater chance of eliminating waste products and providing nourishment in a more balanced manner to various organs. Increased levels of sexual hormones help to fortify the muscles and bones with critical nourishment. These hormones help to prevent onset of heart diseases. Working the pelvic muscles, intercourse helps to prevent conditions like incontinence and hernias.

Sex Gives Your Skin Unique Radiance
It is usually thought that only women have the after-glow that is essentially a result of their hormones being produced aplenty during sex. However, this is applicable to men too. Yes, sex behaves like a psychological and physical boost for the human body. The circulation of blood rises, more oxygen is pumped into the body and sexual hormones are released copiously. The result is a sort of radiance that the best of moisturizers and make-up kits cannot compete with. It seems to take off years from your face, making you appear refreshed and cheerful.
Sex is an Instant Pain-killer
The feeling of happiness that accompanies and follows intercourse is due to the rise in the secretion of endorphins. These hormones are required for establishing a relaxed state of mind. Sex also induces release of oxytocin, which along with endorphin, is one of nature’s most potent painkillers—everything from unexplained bodyache to serious conditions like arthritic or PMS pains can be relieved.