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MIB - 3

  I was really excited to watch this movie. I loved what Barry Sonnenfeld had done with the first 2 parts of the series. The hard part with a series like such is that we all have an image, made up in our minds, of how the characters are. Some things in a series are just not negotiable! such as, MIB agents can smell aliens in the most normal situations we have on “Earth”! With MIB-1,2 in mind, lemme start with reviewing MIB-3.

                          The movie start with Boris The Animal breaking out of a prison, built specially for him, ON THE MOON! It was indeed a great start. Boris now wants to take revenge with K(Tommy Lee Jones), the one because of whom he was imprisoned. J(Will Smith) and K are busy hunting aliens on earth while they come to know about Boris the animal…

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‘Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.’ Coco Chanel


We have been obsessed with vintage accessories at the age of 11 when our mum showed us a pair of beautiful classic vintage earrings. From that day OBSESSED wouldn’t be able to describe our infatuation with the collection.

We feel that every girl must own a piece regardless their generation, it’s a classic everlasting piece. Coco Chanel stood for women all over the world that’s why her pieces are so relatable on a huge scale, not all designers can achieve this level. The year of her ‘out of the world’ costume jewellery 1930’s, it definitely took hold of the women in that era as so many French women were engulfed in her fabulous pieces. Her pieces were always a statement, the boldness in the jewellery representing strength of women and the simple designs representing the classy…

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