Angriest Man Online

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one wanting Bruce Willis to try and sue Apple over his iTunes play list. He’s not Samsung, he’s fucking John McClane!

And sadly, not even John McClane is perfect… he doesn’t read terms and conditions. Who actually does? Well, beyond the first paragraph. Oh, Brucey, poor Brucey. None of your music actually belongs to you. See this is why you should never have stopped buying CDs. Or pirate, it works for me.

Of course Bruce Willis is not actually going to suing Apple, despite his looks, he’s not that bloody stupid. Apple is just a little bit bigger than Nakatomi Plaza. And his wife said he couldn’t anyway. On Twitter. What happened to you McClane?

And Hollywood marketing directors, wouldn’t this be a great plot for the next Die Hard movie? John McClane takes on a massive corporation to prevent them from taking…

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