Lady Gaga shaves her head to support her friend, we’re confused

Lady Gaga has never been one for following the crowd. However, her latest decision is pretty out there, even for her.

She’s shaved the back of her head in tribute to her friend’s late mother.


Lady Gaga has shaved her head to honour her friend’s late mother. Copyright [Lady Gaga]

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Where most people would send flowers or a supportive messageLady Gaga has gone one step further (and weirder) by shaving off a section of her hair.

She took a photo of the back of her head and posted it on her website.

Alongside the image was the caption: “I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She was princess die, but were all princess high.” [sic]


Lady Gaga also posted this photo to show her hair from the front. Copyright [Lady Gaga]She then shared another photo, which showed the rest of her newly brunette hair tied up in a bun, along with the caption: “But we still have glamour in the front.”

The picture of her newly shaved head isn’t the only thing Lady Gaga has shared with her fans recently.

Earlier in the week she registered the names of three new songs: Candy Art, CRWTH, and Cold Hearted B****. Nice.

The new song titles have got us very excited for the brand new album, ARTPOP which is hopefully coming our way very soon.

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