Editor’s note: Steli Efti is the Co-Founder/Chief Hustler of ElasticSales and an advisor to several startups and entrepreneurs. You can follow Steli on Twitter here.

It is common entrepreneurial wisdom that good ideas often come from trying to solve your own problems. It’s no surprise then that many startups are building solutions to do just that, and therefore need to sell their products to other startups.

Many underestimate or miscalculate what it takes to successfully sell to the startup market. Why? Because most startups only consider these three points when thinking of selling to other startups:

  • Speed: It’s faster to sell to startups than it is to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Decision-making: It involves fewer people to make a decision. Often it is only the founders.
  • Purchase power: Many startups have raised funding and are capable of paying for products that other small businesses with similar revenue would not be.

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