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San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), the largest user of CNG in San Diego County, awarded Trillium a contract for capital upgrades to its three CNG fueling stations and a contract for 10 years of Operations and Maintenance services (O&M) at the same locations. MTS currently has 407 CNG buses in operation, approximately 75% of the entire fleet.

MTS generated more than 90 million trips in 2009 on almost 90 bus routes and 53 miles of rail. The agency serves about 570 square miles of the urbanized areas of San Diego County as well as the rural parts of East County, 3,240 total square miles, providing service to approximately 3 million San Diego residents.

Trillium will install new Ariel compressor packages and a Trillium-developed Smart Controls package. The new equipment will be integrated into MTS’ existing CNG systems to augment the compression and dispensing capacity, while providing more cost effective operations. Fueling operations will continue as scheduled while the upgrade and integration work is completed.Image

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