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***Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of Revolution, go do that now before reading this! Like, really, you should!***

Well, for the most part the second episode of Revolution,  did what it was supposed to do. While satisfied, there is also mild frustration: I will be tuning in next week in the hopes of discovering just what the heck is going on!

What I didn’t expect? All the bloodshed.

This episode of Revolution definitely gives us a look at a harsher world. The lesson here: there are many ways to die in this world and if you have to, might as well die painlessly.

We’ve got Miles, and his new friend Nora killing everyone left and right. And then there’s Charlie, who sees a larger picture: Why are they living this way? Why doesn’t anyone care that people are being treated as slaves? Sometimes things really are just…

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