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iPad Mini Design Could ‘Outshine’ the New iPad?

Brian White, an analyst at Tokepa, has been traveling around Taipei to speak with component suppliers about the iPad mini.

White believes the iPad mini could outshine its big brother.

Apple did not skimp on the aesthetics of the much anticipated ‘iPad Mini,'” White says. “In fact, we believe the ‘iPad Mini’ could outshine the new iPad in terms of how the device feels in a consumer’s hands.”

AllThingsD also backs up this report saying they’ve heard promising things about the smaller tablet’s design which sources say is demanding to manufacture.

“The new ‘iPad Mini’ is more challenging to produce than prior iPad iterations,” White says. “We believe supply will initially be constrained.”

A recent report from the WSJ said that Apple has ordered 10 million iPad minis to be manufactured in the fourth   quarter


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