Ke$Ha’s Parisian Retail Romp

Looking a bit more goth and a bit less glittery than usual, Ke$ha was spotted leaving the Colette store in Paris, France on Monday (October 15).

The “Tik Tok” singer wore a semi-sheer long-sleeved top with a furry vest and matching patterned pants with some heavy eyeliner as she made her way back to her hotel, empty-handed.Image

Recently, the 25-year-old songstress made history as the first white female artist to grace the cover of Vibe magazine.

Though Amy Winehouse posthumously appeared in 2011 and Gwen Stefani appeared with Pharrell in 2005, Ke$ha is technically the first living white female to land a solo cover.

In the October/November issue, the sassy blonde spoke about her sophomore album which hits stores in December. She explains, “The first record was a celebration of partying and being young, but this record’s a better look at my personality.

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