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From The Times of India by Akshata Shetty on 11/26/12

Picture this: The Taj Mahal changing colours, its doors opening and its walls and pillars moving. Sounds surreal, right? For those uninitiated, this visual experience is called 3D mapping. This projection technique that can turn almost any 3D surface into a dynamic video display is now fast catching on in India. It helps turn clubs and other event spaces into mind-boggling visual arenas and both artistes and their fans term it as the next big thing.

Are you ready to party in 3D?

Visuals projected in sync with live music is not a new concept but there is a difference between this and 3D mapping. “As the video is projected on to the 3D surface, you don’t need 3D glasses to see in 3D. An optical illusion is created wherein the actual projection surface is modified in a surreal way. Through this medium, we change the…

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Congratulations to you, Internet.
“The Jiangnan style”, psychiatric, impossible smash hit Korean rapper has surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” became the most watched YouTube video of all time.
Video – psychiatric meme-ready dance moves – has accumulated more than 815 million times since July 15, it was uploaded to YouTube. Bieber “Baby” has been viewed more than more than 803 million times since it was posted in February 2010.
The “# GangnamStyle just become the most watched video on YouTube!” Psychiatric (real name: Park Jae Sang) tweeted on Saturday. “History.”
The Jiangnan style “already has the title of” favorite “video in YouTube history, more than 2 million” likes “, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, officially recognized achievements, September. Video LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” is a distant second to more than 1.6 million “likes.” Bieber “Baby” is not. 3 in this category.
True Beliebers, do not be afraid, the…

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Watch Madonna’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Moves With PSY in NYC

Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy, Août 2006
Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy, Août 2006 (Photo credit: johanlb)



on Tuesday night during her second show this week at Madison Square Garden. They danced to his pop culture anthem “Gangnam Style” and to her jam “Music” in front of nearly 20,000.


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Madonna said PSY flew “all the way from Frankfurt, Germany this morning.” She also said she was a big fan of the rapper and loved his suit, which was bright red.


He added that he’s had a lot of experiences in the last few months, and that performing at MSG with Madonna topped his list.


Madonna also collected money for those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Fans threw money onstage while she sang “Like a Virgin.” She said she collected $3,000 at Monday’s show.


Happy Diwali Message From Re – Elected President Obama

Diwali decoration
Diwali decoration (Photo credit: Piyush’s Space)

Our Politicians dnt even get each sec to think about Indians or to wish us other than corruption…such a stupid people these r…

Learn atleast from other countries…

Happy Diwali Obama Sir
From Indians

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Million to one apple is half red, half green.

Million to one apple is half red, half green.

It’s thought to be a random genetic mutation. The Apple was found in the orchard of a man named Ken Morrish, where he’s grown apples for 45 years. The man was picking apples in his garden for a family member when he spotted the unusual apple.The red side of the apple is said to taste sweeter than the green side does. The reason for this is thought to be that the red side has seen more sunshine during its growth.The discovery is extremely rare and intriguing.Image