More BlackBerry N-Series images surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus

More BlackBerry N-Series images surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus
Remember this little guy? It was Christmas Eve when Mr. Blurrycam gave us a look at this keyboard-equipped BB10 prototype. Skip to the present, and N4BB has apparently come across news images of it, minus the fuzz. Aside from being clearer, the phone’s screen is notably powered on in this round images — essentially proving it’s more than a dummy. While we’ve known the unit is likely part of RIM’s N-Series, the site notes that its actual model number may officially be presented as the X10 (not to be confused with Sony Ericsson, Klipsch and Fujifilm offerings of the same moniker). Things will certainly become even clearer on January 30th, that’s for sure — for now, hit the source link for a couple of more images.

Facebook’s Midnight Deliveries privacy flaw allows anyone to view and delete New Year’s messages

Facebook’s Midnight Deliveries privacy flaw allows anyone to view and delete New Year’s messages
The new year is still about 24 hours away in the United States, but it looks like Facebook’s Midnight Deliveries are getting a head start, unbeknownst to the social network. As reported by The Verge, Facebook’s New Year’s feature has a privacy flaw that allows anyone to view and potentially delete messages intended for other users.
The privacy flaw

Last week, the social network launched its Midnight Delivery feature that enabled any user to send messages automatically to their friends at the stroke of midnight. Normally, when users get a message, it goes straight to their inbox on Facebook. However, this time, these messages appear to have rather public confirmation pages making them available to anyone who has the URL syntax.

We’ve confirmed this privacy flaw with our own test. When a user successfully submits a message to be sent to their friends, he or she will be displayed a confirmation screen that displays a URL: From here, anyone that’s curious can simply change the ID variable at the end of the web address and then view other messages left for people.

It’s important to note that when you look at other people’s messages, the sender isn’t visible. However, you do see all the intended recipients and also the message itself. The avatar that normally would display the sender’s image would be replaced by yours (assuming you’re logged into Facebook at the time). What’s more is that there is an opportunity for anyone to delete it from the server. Yes, that’s right. If you stumble upon someone’s message and click on the “X” next to it, it can be removed from the site. We’ve tried it and after refreshing the page, came across an error message

We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment about this security and privacy flaw and will update when we hear back.

Update 8:17pm PST: It appears that Facebook may be working on the issue. We’ve been checking the Midnight Delivery website and right now it displayed a different screen when you try and view messages randomly. In fact, the service won’t even allow users to create messages.

A minor flaw, but not one to be overlooked

While this may be considered to be a minor flaw in Facebook’s master plan to get everyone to communicate using its platform, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that this could be potentially embarrassing if not damaging for some individuals who use this for, let’s say, unorthodox purposes (yes, we know there are some users who do that type of stuff). So if you used Midnight Deliveries to send messages and photos that are, shall we say, not safe for work, then this could affect you.

As Facebook is interested in being the repository for everything that is happening in our lives, the apparent inability to secure New Year’s greetings puts a bit of a stain on the company’s privacy record. Already laced with the reputation for ignoring user’s privacy by some, this just adds more fuel to the fire. Just this month, the social network launched updated privacy settings to help users feel better about how their content is being shared. Of course that theory didn’t really go well considering the recent debacle last week with Randi Zuckerberg and a family photo.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has also had issues with messages being displayed to the public. As TNW’s Emil Protalinski reported in September, users claimed to see private messages in their Timelines. It wasn’t a widespread issue with Facebook saying that they were old Wall posts, but readers told us otherwise.

Not only that, but in November, the social network had a security hole that allowed anyone to see the email addresses corresponding to certain Facebook accounts. It was discovered through a Google search and provided a direct link to apparently 1.35 million accounts.

Difference Between Virus,Worms,Trojan and Spyware


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Difference Between Virus,Worms,Trojan and Spyware

We all have heard the terms Virus,Worms,trojans and spyware but only a few of us know the difference between them.We genreally consider everything that is detected by an antivirus as virus but this is not the case.The antivirus not only provides protection against viruses but it also protects us from trojans,worms and spywares.All these can be harmful to your computer hardware and software.Today I will differentiate all these terms from each other .

Ok lets start from the introduction of viruses

Virus:-A virus is a self replicating program that attaches itself to an executable file.When the file is executed the virus automatically gets executed and enters into system memory .Once it enters into system memory it either searches for other files that can be infected or stays in the background and infect the files that are uses the virus infected program.

Worms:Worms are very similar to viruses but differ in way that they donot bind themselves to executable files instead to replicate themselves they uses the network.If you find excessive use of your network bandwidth then you may be infected by a worm.So,a worm donot require a user to execute any file for its execution it can work without user intervention.

Trojan Horse:-A trojan horse is harmful program which may seem harmless to the user before its installation but instead it is programmed or reverse engineered to facilitate unauthorised remote access to the computer.Trojan’s donot replicate themselves.

Spyware:-A spyware is a program that secretly monitors and collects pieces of information.They usually run in stealth mode and cannot be detected easily.Keyloggers is a great example of spyware software.There are not limited to just spying but can also send data to remote computers

Now Here I am Providing you with the list of names of most harmful virus and worms in the history of computers

Storm Worm

Leap-A/Oompa- A

Sasser and Netsky

MyDome (Novarg)

SQL Slammer / Sapphire


Code Red and Code Red II

The Klez




Top Villians of 2012

2012 was a pretty great year for movies of all kinds: blockbusters, indies, and all points between. It was a particularly good year for villains. Here are five of the baddest baddies of 2012:


2012 was a pretty great year for movies of all kinds: blockbusters, indies, and all points between. It was a particularly good year for villains. Here are five of the baddest baddies of 2012:



5. Queen Ravenna – Charlize Theron, ‘Snow White & the Huntsman.’ OK, so this isn’t one of those movies that made 2012 great in any traditional sense. One thing it does have, though, is a deliciously evil performance by the Oscar-winning Charlize. You make being bad look goooooood, girl.


4.The Zec – Werner Herzog, ‘Jack Reacher Best known for two things — his classic resumé as a film director and being a little, shall we say, eccentric — Werner Herzog also occasionally acts, and Tom Cruise‘s latest, “Jack Reacher,” benefits greatly from Herzog’s strange, spooky performance as the mysterious Zec.



4.The Zec – Werner Herzog, ‘Jack Reacher’ Best known for two things — his classic resumé as a film director and being a little, shall we say, eccentric — Werner Herzog also occasionally acts, and Tom Cruise’s latest, “Jack Reacher,” benefits greatly from Herzog’s strange, spooky performance as the mysterious Zec.



1. Calvin J. Candie – Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino, no novice at creating memorable bad guys, told Playboy magazine that Leonardo DiCaprio’s Calvin Candie was the first character he’d ever written that he truly, viscerally despised, to the point where he didn’t know how to bring the character to screen. With DiCaprio’s help, the character becomes truly one for the ages: a vicious monster of a diabolical aristocracy who takes genuine pleasure in owning and dehumanizing other human beings. By far, he’s the villain of the year.


Sachin Tendulkar announces retirement from ODIs, wants to focus on Test cricket


Sachin Tendulkar will not pad up against Pakistan next Sunday. After 23 years of playing one-day internationals, the batting great has announced retirement from the 50-over format of the game. 

Sachin’s announcement came on a day that the Indian team for the two T20s and three ODIs with Pakistan, to be played starting next week, is being decided. Sachin has already stopped playing T20s.

The Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) released Sachin’s statement on Sunday morning. It read, “I have decided to retire from the One Day format of the game. I feel blessed to have fulfilled the dream of being part of a World Cup wining Indian team. The preparatory process to defend the World Cup in 2015 should begin early and in right earnest. I would like to wish the team all the very best for the future. I am eternally grateful to all my well wishers for their unconditional support and love over the years.”

Tendulkar’s retirement plans have been intensely debated in recent times through a long patch of poor form. The most prolific run getter in the world ever is 39 years of age. He holds every batting record in the book.

Since last World Cup, Sachin score only 315 runs in 10 ODIs. But in a glorious career, Sachin has scored 18,426 runs in 463 one dayers. His highest score in ODIs is 200 runs that came in 2010 against South Africa in Gwalior. Sachin has scored 49 centuries and 96 fifties in this format. 

He made his debut on December 18, 1989, as a 16-year-old against Pakistan. He played his last ODI on March 18, 2012, also against Pakistan in the Asia Cup.

WhatsApp for iOS now free for a limited period

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular ways to connect with people over cellphones these days. While the app is free on Android and comes with a yearly subscription plan, the iOS version needs a one-time payment for the app. According to a tweet on the WhatsApp Twitter account, the iOS version of the app is now free for a limited period in celebration of the holiday season.

“Happy Holidays! WhatsApp for iPhone is free for a limited time. Tell your friends!” tweeted the WhatsApp account. Though the company has given no indication of exactly how long the “limited time” is going to last, it could be safe to assume that it will last throughout the holiday season and will go back to its normal money-costing ways after December 25.Image


The messaging app had recently made a comeback to Windows Phone 8 devices after some time of absence. While it is available now, it seems to lack many features that were already present in its Windows Phone 7 counterpart. The app can be downloaded for free from the WhatsApp download page.

One of the more glaring omissions from the Windows Phone 8 version of the app is the emoticons pack that Whatsapp has become famous for. The app also seems to lack fast resume from the live tile, among other features that are usually present in Windows Phone 8 apps.

Earlier this month, the developers of WhatsApp had said that the app would be six times faster than the previous version. Apart from this, they stated that there will also be new emoji included in the upcoming version, but it looks like this is yet to be delivered.

Earlier today, it was revealed that some users of WhatsApp woke up to a new spam messagedoing the rounds. Quite a number of users woke up this morning to a message that read, “UR1994 KB1212 RJ1708 Send this message to 10 people. As soon as all of them have read your message, you will get an SMS from Whatsapp, with an activation code. Once you enter the activation code, you will no longer have to pay to use Whatsapp, which is going to charge for messages from new year 2013.”

If this reminds you of a recent instance, wherein similar messages did rounds of the popular chat service, then you’re not alone. Only last month, users came forth with complaints of being bombarded with hoax messages – some telling them the service would soon be a paid one, and that if users wished to continue using it for free, they should forward this message to 18 contacts on their list. There were others that came in with a string of emoticons, asking the recipient to forward it to 11 of his contacts to activate a new version of WhatsApp.

Next Generation Pad Mini Will Focus on Enhancing the Display?

Next Generation Pad Mini Will Focus on Enhancing the Display?

336111_398112373604545_1787474501_oTaiwan-based backlighting industry sources say Apple’s next generation iPad mini will focus on enhancing the device’s display resolution, reports DigiTimes.

The sources have yet to specify whether the device will use Apple’s Retina Display technology to enhanced resolution, but market observers said it is highly likely based on the de

velopment of past Apple products such as the iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad series. That means if the iPad mini uses Apple’s current Retina Display technology, it will have a 2058 by 1536 resolution and 326ppi.The site’s sources also say that Apple will update the 9.7-inch iPad to use just one LED light bar reducing the overall weight.


Microsoft (MSFT) is no stranger to criticism these days, and the company’s new Windows 8 platform is once again the target of a scathing review from a high-profile user. Well-known Internet entrepreneur and MIT professor Philip Greenspun handed Windows 8 one of its most damning reviews yet earlier this week, calling the new operating system a “Christmas gift for someone you hate.” Greenspun panned almost every aspect of Microsoft’s new software, noting that Microsoft had four years to study Android and more than five to examine iOS, but still couldn’t build a usable tablet experience.

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