Apple’s iWatch Is Actually Just A Wrist Band That Attaches To Your iPhone, iPad


The much-rumored Apple iWatch isn’t as exciting as you might have thought.

We’ve heard rumors of flexible displays and Siri integration, but it appears that Apple’s iWatch is actually just a band meant to connect with the Apple device of your choice.

According to this leaked video, which uses stand-ins for rehearsal instead of real Apple execs and designers, the band lets you slap your iPhone or iPad onto the strap and conduct your business directly from your wrist. The band will sell for $249, to compete with other smart watch offerings on the market, and use will require the purchase of an iPhone or iPad.

We’ve reached out to Apple regarding availability, but haven’t heard anything yet. Analysts predict the iWatch will land in July, alongside the next-generation iPhone.

While the firm wouldn’t comment on availability, they did mention that users have the option to use latest generation MBAs…

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