Samsung achieves 1 Gbps data transfer using 5G network


While many of us are just starting to enjoy the benefits of early 4G networks, Samsung is looking at what it would take to build a gigabit wireless network for 5G.

Unless you live in one of the few places Google has seen fit to give the gift of fiber so far, gigabit Internet is something of a pipe dream in the US. Over the next few years that will change, and slowly there will be a shift to gigabit all over the world. Meanwhile, mobile networks will continue to improve as we to move closer to fully-functional 4G networks with LTE. Eventually there will be a need to shift away from 4G and on to something better. When that happens it looks like Samsung has the next G everyone will be looking for.

By using the 28GHz band, Samsung has been able to reliably transfer data at a speed of 1Gbps with the potential to deliver up to 10Gbps. While there’s currently no globally recognized spec for 5G mobile broadband, this is a significant increase over the maximum currently established for fully-deployed 4G.

As a demonstration, things like functional range or whether or not the radios used can be embedded into mobile devices aren’t taken into consideration. This proof of concept shows what is possible, but it’s not likely that we’ll be using this technology anytime soon. In fact, Samsung expects that 5G speeds aren’t something that will be enabled in mobile devices until closer to 2020.

It’s difficult to imagine the need for that kind of performance in the palm of your hand as we sit here in 2013, but this glimpse at 5G speeds helps paint a picture of a world where the things we do on the Internet now are completely free from any kind of delay or interruptions. All you need now is autopilot for your jetpack so you can watch the news from 3D Google Glass on your 5G network.


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