What Is Rooting? Advantages and Disadvantages…..


Now the days phones has become an important part of our life with due to regular improvement in their tecnology making our life much simple than earlier. Today we have so much to do with our phones, after the introduction of Android OS system it has changed the definition of phone. Andrid is efective, presentative, easy to use, but with the introduction of android a word “Rooting your phone” also have become very common these days…so today I am going to tell something about rooting, what is rooting and its adavntages and disadvantages


Android rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access“) within Android’s subsystem.

Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on some devices, resulting in the…

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Canon PowerShot SX130IS Assessment


Canon PowerShot SX130IS Assessment Good day, and thank you for having the time to browse this Canon PowerShot SX130IS critique!  What I do is review as numerous testimonials as I can about a specific solution (in some cases as numerous as numerous dozen) and then pull them with each other into a solitary solution overview like this one particular.  By the time you reach the conclude of this short Canon PowerShot SX130IS evaluate posting, you should be armed with the awareness required to make an educated obtaining final decision concerning the Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12. Tiger Rice Cooker A rice cooker has become 1 of the most crucial appliances in a household today. It is accurate that rice hardly requires also a lot of an work to cook or for that subject even time to cook dinner. Even so when it will come to cooking the versions of rice that…

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The Story of India

J&M New York

Image“Sixty years ago, India threw off the chains of the British Empire and became a free nation. And now the world’s largest democracy is rushing headlong into the future.”

The opening words of an amazing documentary series that describes an equally amazing country, the magnum opus of renowned author and broadcast historian Michael Wood is something that every lover of history should own. Broken down into six two-hour long episodes, each one focusing on a different time period and theme, The Story of India magnificently chronicles the vast richness of this ancient nation. From its birth in a river valley over 5000 years ago, through numerous dynasties, rulers, kingdoms and empires to the modern marvel of the 21st century, Mr. Wood takes the viewer on a  journey not just through time and place, but through the very spirit of India itself.

One of the most prominent themes explored in the…

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Boys Will Be Boys!

The Fashion Medley

dsc_0301-20130624195309image0101306201700_hg_full_lAnd I will always admire masculine elegance more than try-to-hard women’s fashion. June, on my calendar, is the holy month filled with consecutive Pitti Uomo and Milan Men’s Fashion Week; loads of sartorial inspiration. I wish there had been more occasions where the photographers can capture the bold and colourful styles of the daring gentlemen.

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Google Now likely headed to Chrome in near future


It looks like Google at last appears ready to integrate its Google Now personal assistant app into both its Chrome browser and Chrome operating system. CNET reports that “Google is making steady progress” in its quest to bring Google Now to more desktop users and has now added a flag to Chrome and Chrome OS “that lets people enable Google Now,” although the publication notes that the service isn’t connected to any of Google’s servers just yet. Google first debuted Google Now last year as an application that uses search history and location history to figure out what information users might need before they even ask for it. Examples include being able to tell users how long their typical commutes will be given current traffic conditions, and being able to figure out how long in advance users will have to leave for them to make appointments on time.

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Wearable computers predicted to kill smartphones


Since we’re still witnessing the slow death of the traditional PC, it may seem a little premature to already start talking about the deaths of smartphones and tablets. But Frog Design’s chief creative officer Mark Rolston, writing at Technology Review, thinks that it’s only a matter before we start talking about the end of today’s mobile devices and the rise of wearable and embedded computing devices that are even less visible than smartphones.

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Networks . . . such a simple concept . . . . moving data from point A to point B.

Networks . . . such a simple concept . . . . moving data from point A to point B.
But what a powerful concept. By networking computers together, people from remote locations can work together as a team . . . share projects, send messages, access databases, etc.

Remember the old days, where a network consisted of IBM Mainframes surrounded by a bunch of dumb terminals? Thankfully, that era is gone. Even when they replaced the dumb terminal with smart workstations – it was very limiting to have to send everything through the same, central place. In today’s world, we use shared Client-Server and peer-to-peer topologies. Although there are many protocols used to connect the nodes together, and hence many network types – there are three defined sizes of Networks . . . LAN, MAN, and WAN . . .

LAN (Local Area Network) – a computer network confined to a relatively small area, such as a single building or a group of adjacent buildings. A LAN can cover an entire campus, so long as the buildings are directly connected. The nodes (computers, printers, servers, etc.) are connected via bridges and routers. Devices can be connected by twisted-pair wire, coaxial cables, or fiber optic cables.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – a data network designed for a town or city. In terms of geographic breadth, MANs are larger than local-area networks (LANs), but smaller than wide-area networks (WANs). Some MAN networks do without connecting media altogether, communicating instead via radio waves, using dish antenna’s on rooftops.

WAN (Wide Area Network) – a computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more local-area networks (LANs). Computers connected to a wide-area network are often connected through public networks, such as the telephone system. They can also be connected through leased lines or satellites. The largest WAN in existence is the Internet.

The definitions can blur a bit. Basically, a LAN becomes a MAN if there are connections between separate LAN’s across a town or city – typically via a LEC (Local Exchange Carrier), such as Bell South or Verizon. A MAN becomes a WAN if there are connections between separate LAN’s across the country – typically via an IXC (InterExchange Carrier) such as AT&T, Sprint, or MCI.

For example, if a company had two sister sites in Philadelphia and New York . . . each with their own LAN, and they decided to connect them together by purchasing a T1 (a 1.544 Mbps data connection) from MCI – then each city still has it’s own LAN, but the two LAN’s connected together is WAN.


New iPhone 5S images leak, revealing several new details


New photos of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S were published on Monday. The images were posted by MacRumors, and they appear to show the inside and back of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. A few new things can be gleaned compared to the iPhone 5S photos that leaked earlier: First, Apple’s processor is seated on the board in this latest leak, and it appears to confirm that the A7 will indeed power the iPhone 5S, as has been rumored for months now. In addition, one photo appears to show a dual-LED flash with two different colored LED bulbs. This might suggest that Apple’s new iPhone will include a flash that projects different colored light depending on the surrounding lighting, so that the highest-quality photos possible are captured. Apple’s next-generation iPhone includes an extensive internal overhaul, as revealed by BGR, and it may also feature a fingerprint scanner when it launches this fall. The leaked iPhone 5S photos can be seen below.ImageImage


Google lets developers try building applications with on-premise version of App Engine


Google (s goog) is looking to help more companies develop applications in the Google App Engine way — except on companies’ own servers, not on Google gear.

Toward that end, Google has been working with Red Hat (s rhat) to produce an open-source project called the Test-Compatibility Kit, Google software engineer Ludovic Champenois noted in a Thursday in a blog post. The kit lets developers get multiple Google App Engine services, such as the datastore and task queues, and it all runs atop JBoss application servers.

The program could have a mix of effects on Google. The company surely is eager to encourage developers to understand what’s possible by tapping into its vast cloud-computing resources, but allowing them to stay in their own walled IT gardens could work against the idea of public-cloud adoption.

If developers currently running their applications on site like how the program works when they…

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