Google lets developers try building applications with on-premise version of App Engine


Google (s goog) is looking to help more companies develop applications in the Google App Engine way — except on companies’ own servers, not on Google gear.

Toward that end, Google has been working with Red Hat (s rhat) to produce an open-source project called the Test-Compatibility Kit, Google software engineer Ludovic Champenois noted in a Thursday in a blog post. The kit lets developers get multiple Google App Engine services, such as the datastore and task queues, and it all runs atop JBoss application servers.

The program could have a mix of effects on Google. The company surely is eager to encourage developers to understand what’s possible by tapping into its vast cloud-computing resources, but allowing them to stay in their own walled IT gardens could work against the idea of public-cloud adoption.

If developers currently running their applications on site like how the program works when they…

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