Press shots of Moto X and refreshed Nexus 7 leaked


Serial leaker @evleaks has been at it again. On Saturday, press shots of the much-hyped Moto X had been leaked. However, nothing new whatsoever has been revealed in the images. Still, it should help to actually be able to see the closest thing we’ll get to an official picture of the smartphone till the official unveiling. The smartphone is set to be officially unveiled atMotorola’s August 1 event.

The leaker has also leaked out what seem to be press shots of the much-anticipated refresh to the Nexus 7 tablet. One of the biggest new things revealed in the pictures is the presence of a new camera on the back of the tablet. @evleaks has also suggested that 16GB and 32GB variants of the tablet will be available on launch.

The tablet seems to be quite close to being announced. The company had recently sent out invites to an event set to take place on July 24. While not much details about the event are available, it is rumoured that the company will be unveiling the refreshed Nexus 7 along with an update to Android, bringing it up to version 4.3. The event is set to be led by Android and Chrome OS chief Sundar Pichai.


The last we heard about Android 4.3, the firmware had been leaked for the Google Play Edition and the LTE-enabled Snapdragon version of the Galaxy S4. A number of fascinating things have been revealed through this leak, such as changes to the notification-based APIs, where apps will be able to access notifications properly instead of using exploits in Android’s Accessibility APIs.

Other features expected to be in Android 4.3 are mostly under-the -hood things, other than the new camera interface. The update will bring about improved performance from Android devices. It will be making it so that the GPU calls are reduced by around 30 percent, significantly improving the battery life. Wi-Fi will also be on by default, and switching it off will require hunting the option down in the menus somewhere.



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