How Long It Takes To Fall In Love Using Modern Measurements

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Dating and love in the modern world is a whole new ball game compared to dating in previous generations.  With the advent of technology, there’s just one more thing to factor in that can make dating even more stressful.

So how long does it take to fall in love?  A couple dates? A few months?

Apparently, there is a brand new measurement system that has nothing to do with dates, weeks and months.  According to a new survey, it’s all about technology and social media.

Based on this interesting, not to mention slightly absurd, survey, here’s what it takes for the average couple to fall in love:

224 tweets

163 text messages

70 Facebook messages

37 emails

30 phone calls

The phone calls and even the texts make sense, but all those tweets and Facebook messages just sound exhausting.

Technology is playing a role in bringing people together, and it’s…

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