RapidShare tries a fresh start with a revamped UI and new pricing


Swiss cloud storage provider RapidShare really would like you to give it another try: RapidShare launched a revamped website and new pricing options Tuesday, positioning itself more closely as a competitor to Dropbox and other cloud storage vendors.

Can a European cloud upstart compete with established US vendors? That’s a question we are also tackling at our Structure:Europe conference this week in London.

RapidShare’s new site offers consumers 10GB of storage for free, but limits daily data transfer to 100MB. Up to 300 GB of storage are 10€ (about $13) per month, with traffic limited to 10 GB per day. 700 GB of storage and 40 GB of daily traffic cost 20€ per month. The company offers desktop integration for Windows(s msft), OS X(s aapl) and Linux, but is discontinuing support for its previously-used download manager.

RapidShare was at one point the internet’s most popular one-click hoster, used by millions…

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