7 Critical Observations to Make While Waiting to Interview

Virtually every career advisor will say you should arrive 10 to 20 minutes early to an interview to prove you can keep an appointment, have time to fill out paperwork, wipe that bit of cream cheese off your lip, fix your hair and all kinds of other stuff that will help you make a good first impression.

But remember that the interview is just as much about whether the opportunity would be a good fit for you as it is whether you would be a good fit for the opportunity.


“While the total suite boasts more than 10,000 square feet in usable space, the majority of employees sit alongside teammates at long French farmhouse tables without dividers,” Anderson says. “While I watched people wheel over from space to space to ask each other questions, and even to hold brief team meetings, I knew the open environment was meant to foster the collaboration necessary to do good work.”

5. Walls. Are they adorned with …

— Employee recognition? This observation can suggest how the firm values its personnel.

— A mission statement? A mission statement can help you understand a firm’s values and what they expect from their employees. “Our logo, which includes the tagline ‘Be Brilliant,’ is displayed throughout the building,” says Dominique Jones, vice president of human resources at talent management solutions provider Halogen Software. “Prospective employees know right away that this is a fundamental part of who we are as a company and if they are to work for us, we will expect them to be their very best  brilliant, in fact.”

— Awards? You may notice recognition for sales performance, social responsibility or diversity. These are integral cues that can help you learn if your values and goals align with the hiring firm’s.

6. Employee dynamics. While the physical environment can provide great insight, remember that its architecture is often carefully preconceived to convey a specific message.

By contrast, “the way people treat each other can’t be staged,” says Karen Cates, professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. “Do people look at each other? Are smiles strained and put on or real? Are jokes routine and dull or personal and warm? Are [employees] considerate in the common areas?”

Similarly, evaluate whether employees are all wearing headphones and glued to their screens, indicating a more intense or independent culture, versus employees engaged in collaboration, laughter or even gamesImageImageImageImageImage

7. Employee dress. Depending on your personal style, keep on the lookout for office attiredefined by T-shirts, sneakers and denim versus collars, wingtips and blazers.

One last note: Some hiring firms may have you wait in an area that obstructs your ability to make these observations. In that case, consider asking to use the bathroom. That can provide the critical mobility you need to check everything out before your focus is directed at the interviewer.


‘Campus hiring to slow down in 2014’

There will be an overall decline in campus hiring in 2014 and fewer students are expected to get employment right from the campuses next year, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The survey by Firstnaukri.com, a job search engine, reveals that out of the total recruiters surveyed, 73 percent of them said that the number of students to be hired from campuses will be lower in 2014 as compared to 2013.


The decline in hiring will be seen both among engineering and MBA students.

“The uncertain economic conditions will continue to manifest themselves through a weaker demand for students in campus hiring,” said Deepali Singh, business head, Firstnaukri.com.

She said most of the companies have adopted a watchful approach towards recruitments and its ramifications will be felt in campus hiring as well.

Highlighting the key challenges faced while hiring from campuses, the survey said: “Lack of communication and analytical skills, students’ refusal to join a company after accepting the offer and salary expectations are some of the challenges faced by the recruiters while hiring from campuses.”

Personal interviews emerged as the most favoured mode of recruiting students with 40 percent of total recruiters opting for the same.

The survey was conducted among 115 recruiters across India covering sectors like technology, construction and finance.

No more queue for BBM; voice and video calling coming soon

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

You will no longer need to twiddle your thumbs and wait for BlackBerry to send you an email, letting you join the fun on the messenger. You can simply download the app, create a BlackBerry ID and start adding your family and friends using their BBM pins.

BBM was launched officially for Android and iOS a week ago amidst much fan-fare. Despite the fact that BlackBerry had earlier aborted an attempt to launch the app on both platforms last month, there were millions who wanted to get a hold of the app, so much so that BBM was downloaded a total of 10 million times within the first 24 hours of the launch


There’s another bit of good news for BBM for Android and iOS users. Phone Arena has reported that Andrew Bocking, Executive VP of BBM for BlackBerry has assured users on Sunday that voice and video calling abilities using these apps are coming in a few months.

Bocking has assured that BBM for iOS and Android will remain free, CBC’s Andrea Bellemare has tweeted that the Canadian company could be looking at monetising the applications via BBM Channels. Calling Channels a “social engagement platform within BBM,” Bocking said that it spreads the “BBM experience to brands, artists, businesses and communities, you will now be able to connect with individuals and groups in real time.”

Ford showcases Fully Assisted Parking and Obstacle Avoidance systems

Ford Motor Company: The First 100 Years by Rob...
Ford Motor Company: The First 100 Years by Robert C. Kreipke (Photo credit: IFHP97)


“The future for Ford means developing innovative products and technologies – including Fully Assisted Parking Aid and Obstacle Avoidance – that help deliver a safer, more convenient, more desirable, more personalised and greener driving and ownership experience,” said Barb Samardzich, vice president of product development, Ford of Europe.Image

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S5 in January 2014


If earlier reports are to be believed, Samsung will be attempting to one-up Apple by introducing its own 64-bit chip, which will presumably be featured in the Galaxy S5. The chip will presumably be octa-core, much like the Exynos 5 Octa. Other expected features are a 16 megapixel shooter with optical image stabilisation and a curved display like the one featured in the recently-unveiledGalaxy Round.

Samsung had launched the Galaxy S4 earlier this year. A quick recap shows that the handset comes with a 5-inch full HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Internally, the S4 comes with a quad-core Exynos 5 Octa SoC and 2GB of RAM. The device comes with a 13-megapixel camera with auto focus as well as an LED flash. One of the main sources of criticisms for the S4 was the fact that Samsung decided to keep the same visual design as the S3. The company did, however, manage to give it the same or less dimensions as the S3 despite a larger display.


Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet leaked

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase


It’s just less than a week for Nokia World event where the company will be taking the covers off its new Lumia 1520 phablet and Lumia 2520 Windows RT-based tablet, and rumour mills haven’t stopped yet. This time around, evLeaks has tweeted a press render of what looks like the upcoming Nokia tabletImage


Interestingly, the Lumia 2520 will be competing with the new Surface 2, as it is rumoured to be priced around $499 (approx. Rs 30,443). The Nokia world event will be held in Abu Dhabi on October 22.


source http://tech2.in.com