Photos: luxurious rides of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar


Family would definitely be right up there, the gentleman he is, Tendulkar is also a huge fan of cars and has quite a few himself. Cars is one thing Sachin can’t stay away for long and it has been the love of his life for a long time now.

 To sway attention from the retirement talks to the things Sachin would give attention henceforth, we first discuss about cars.  Sachin’s bond with cars is longstanding and dates back to the year India won its first World Cup-1983.

 In 1983, Sachin wanted to buy a Maruti 800, but to great discontent, could not. A few years later, Sachin assimilated enough money to buy one. He still has that car and love it the most.

 Sachin is a known, instinctive driver who believes in- “Speed kills, but thrills,” contrary to the more popular anecdote- “Speed thrills but kills.” With bank balance running over 1000 crores, Sachin has reportedly been spotted driving his Ferrari and Porsche at over 200.


Sachin bought his first luxury car BMW, just four years into his international career. Sachin is currently the brand ambassador for BMW.

 To know more about the car possessions of Sachin, which is his dearest car and what is its price, click through. Also find which car of Sachin costs a lowly 15,000.



Ferrari 360 Modena Spider


 Sachin features amongst the elite list of people to have driven Ferrari 360.


 Sachin became the proud owner of a Ferrariafter he broke Don Bradman’s record of 29 centuries, Automobile giants Fiat gifted it to the master.


 However there was a stong controversy surrounding the car with Fiat having shunned the import duty. Sachin had to later pay duty for it.


 The 8.3 crore car had a heavy duty of 2 crores, which Sachin beared. 


 In 2011, having driven the car for 8000kms, Sachin sold it off to Surat based businessman Jayesh Desai, who is the owner of Rajhans Group.




Mercedes 600SL

 Another one of the Mercedes’ in the master’s kitty. Worth 1.75 crore, the car gives a fuel efficiency of 8km/L, while it top speed reaches 280km/he.

 Sachin has been spotted several times on the streets of Mumbai, flying his 600SL.



Mercedes Benz C36 AMG


 Sachin owns quite a few Mercs, but C 36 is top of his charts. The car takes only 5.8 seconds to go past 97km/hr, while its top speed is 272 km/hr.Image

Nissan GT-R


Selling his Ferrari back in 2011, Sachin bought a Nissan GT-R.

 The car worth 2.5 crore has a sporty look. Sachin had to pay 45lakhs as vehicle tax for this car.

 With a top speed of 300lm/hr. and the time from 0-100 being as low as 3.2 second, thereare no doubts as to why the speed-freak Sachin went for this car.



Opel Astra




Not as expensive as his other possessions, but would certainly go down as a special one. 


 This car was awarded to Sachin as the winner of the Man of the Series Award against arch rivals Pakistan.


 But when one has Mercedes and BMWs, why would he drive an Astra. Sachin is no different. Hence, this car sits comfortably in the master’s garrage.ImageImage


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