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Sizzling hot Alia Likes To Play It Hard

If one goes by Alia Bhatt’s debut, her magazine shoots and recent TV commercials it would be safe to tag her as a style-conscious diva whose world pretty much revolves around clothes and makeup.



But while Alia definitely loves her fashion, there is also another side to her.

Her next film is a gritty Imtiaz Ali thriller called Highway. And it has been a gruelling, outdoor shoot for her; minus all the gloss and comforts of SOTY.

At the launch of a music video for a cosmetics brand, we caught up with the Bhatt babe to find out if she dreads non-glam roles where she can’t showcase her fashion sense.

“I agree Highway has been a long and difficult shoot, while my ad-campaigns are all glossy and colorful. But it is not fair to ask me what is more fun”.


Today is Valentines Day, The Day Of Love.

Today is Valentines Day, The Day Of Love.
Today, I am going to tell you a story. A story of a boy, a girl and a leaf. This story is of someone like you, but there is one difference. He was in Love. and had decided that on this day that he would tell her everything, not worrying about the consequences….
She was standing at the bus stop with her friends waiting for the college picnic. The boy had sneaked out of his college to see her. He saw her getting into the bus. He immediately took out a pen from his pocket and tried to find something to write on. He could find even a bit of paper.
So he took a leaf from the ground, and wrote on it.
He gave it to a kid on the street and pointed towards the girl. The kid ran with the leaf towards the girl, who was just about to enter the bus. Just then did a convoy of trucks block his view and he couldn’t see the girl. When the last truck had passed, he saw that all the grils had already entered the bus.
As he turned, he saw the same kid standing with the leaf.
There was something written on the other side of the leaf, “I have waited so long to hear this from you ♥ ”
As he raised his eyes, he saw the bus moving. He ran behind the bus and stopped in the middle of the road.
Disappointed, he turned back. As he turned, he saw her standing infront of him. Her eyes filled with love, and her smile reflecting every bit of it.
So this was a true love story that happened on Valentines Day.
The girl’s father was the principal of the boy’s college and removed him from the institution. He was not taken elsewhere either. You might think of him as a crazy lover, don’t you ? Mad enough to Love his principals daughter ?But I know one thing, he listened to hs heart throughout his life. I know that he gave up everything for the woman he loved and I know that he still loves her…. and each day the love deepens more and more….



The Coolpix S800 will be the first Android based camera from Nikon


Nikon will finally announce a new Android based compact camera. The model name will probably be Coolpix S800 (or S800c) as you can see in this Indonesian Communication Agency filing (filed on July 31, 2012):ImageImage

  • 25-250 mm lens
  • 3.5″ OLED screen
  • The camera runs all Google Play apps
  • The camera will probably run Android 2.3
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Possible announcement: August 22, 2012
This will be a major Photokina announcement for Nikon. It will be interesting to see if Nikon will release high-end Android based cameras (and maybe DSLRs?) in the future.