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How to Delete Your Facebook Search History

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1. Go to Your Profile

Head to your Facebook profile and click the “Activity log” option at the bottom right of your cover photo.

Image courtesy of Facebook


2. Activity Log

Your activity log is a list of your posts and all Facebook activity, including your search history.


3. More Options

Next, click on the “More” option on the left-hand menu, under “Photos,” “Likes” and “Comments.”


4. Search Activity

Scroll down the expanded list until you see “Search.”

5. Your Search History

You can now view your Facebook search history, in date order. To get rid of it, simply click “Clear Searches…”


6. Clear Your History

…And then okay the pop-up message that appears.


7. A Clean Search Slate

Your Facebook search history is now a clean slate!



Facebook unveils social search feature called Graph Search

If you’ve ever wanted to know the most popular TV shows among your Facebook friends who are doctors, or wanted to see all the photos any of your friends have taken in Paris, the world’s biggest online social network has the answer.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new search feature on Tuesday at Facebook’s first staged event at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters since its May initial public offering. Zuckerberg had hinted last fall that a search feature was in the works.Image

Called “graph search,” the new service lets users search their social connections for information about people, interests, photos and places. Facebook says that Graph Search functions very differently from web search. While on the web you would search for ‘rock music‘ on Graph Search you could search for ‘My friends in Mumbai who like rock music’ and you will get tailored results of people, photos, events and more on Facebook.

The Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. When you search for something, that search not only determines the set of results you get, but also serves as a title for the page. You can edit the title – and in doing so create your own custom view of the content you and your friends have shared on Facebook.

When Facebook first launched, the main way most people used the site was to browse around, learn about people and make new connections. Graph Search allows users to go back to their roots and use the graph to make new connections.

Zuckerberg says the search feature is “privacy aware.” That means users can only search for content that has been shared with them. If you try to search for ‘Images of my friends before 1999’ photographs your friends have shared with you will be available. Users can review their timeline and hide stories they do not want appearing in this search.

Graph Search is available only to a small number of Facebook users now, but users can join the waiting list for Graph Search here.


Sachin Tendulkar joins Facebook; gets overwhelming response from fans



Mumbai: Sep 10, 2012

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar made his debut on social networking website Facebook on Monday and got more than 4,10,000 ‘likes’ in a matter of hours.

Sachin’s first post on Facebook read, “Hello friends, I’ll like to welcome you to my facebook family. As a child I always dreamt of playing cricket for India and I chased my dream of winning the World Cup for 22 years. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

“I wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you for having prayed for me and wish well for me. I look forward to sharing my experience with you, join me on my facebook so that we both can share this experience and go through this journey together,” he wrote.

On his official page on the world’s biggest social networking platform, the batting maestro will be interacting with his fans through posts and videos as well, along with giving updates of his matches.

The page (https://www.facebook.com/SachinTendulkar) will also have some exclusive pictures of Tendulkar, reports said.

His official page on Facebook will be managed by Seven3Rockers.

The Little Master is already present on microblogging website Twitter since 2010, where he has more than 26,80,790 followers. His Twitter handle is @sachin_rt.


Facebook ad targeting to use e-mails, phone numbers


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase




A new tool for advertisers lets them target ads to customers who have already used their services.


Facebook plans to roll out a new advertising tool that will let companies target their ads to existing customers based on their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


The social network is launching the new tool next week and touts it as a way for businesses to reengage with customers who have already used their services, according to a Facebook spokesperson.


For those who may have privacy concerns over this exchange of personal information, the social network said the process is secure.


What this means is Facebook isn’t giving any of your data away, it’s taking existing numbers and addresses from businesses and letting those businesses use the information to target its ads.


On the flip side, Facebook won’t be gaining any new data from businesses. When advertisers give Facebook your data, it is hashed — a security technique that scrambles your data — before it is fed into the advertising machine. Once the ads are placed, Facebook dumps the hashed data, so that if an advertiser wants to do another ad, the process starts over again.


The new method was available briefly in the Facebook Power Editor, a virtual toolbox used by advertisers to create ads, according to InsideFacebook.


Facebook continues to figure out how to improve its advertising service amid revenue reports and forecasts that have not been up to par.


Of course, it’s not the only company expanding its targeted advertising efforts. Twitter launched a feature today that puts tweets in the streams of a broader audience than before.


waterproof case made to protect your iPhone


English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...
English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Apple Inc.. The design of the logo started in 1977 designed by Rob Janoff with the rainbow color theme used until 1999 when Apple stopped using the rainbow color theme and used a few different color themes for the same design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: The camera of the iPhone 4. The rear ...
English: The camera of the iPhone 4. The rear camera is on top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


waterproof case made to protect your iPhone


iGills SE-35 an underwater iPhone case


A polycarbonate waterproof case made to protect your iPhone so that you can convert your iPhone into an underwater still/video camera at a depth upto 40 meters.Along with the front buttons and free iGills diving app you can transform your iPhone into the worlds first and only Smart Diving System with air, nitrox and gage modes that still supports touchscreen.
Price: $329.99