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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a better biker than me: John Abraham


John Abraham, who showcased his biking skills in Dhoom, modestly says that close friend and Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a better biker than him.

“Whenever Mahi is in Mumbai, we ride bikes together. I think he is a better biker than me. He is my closest friend whether it is from the cricketing world or from Bollywood,” John Abraham said on BIG CBS PRIME’s “India‘s Prime Icon”.

John Abraham says that the Indian skipper is very grounded.

“A small town boy from Ranchi, he is very respectful. He loves his parents a lot and I feel that he is the best captain in the world,” added the actor.

MS Dhoni will feature as one of the contenders on India’s Prime Icon, which shows works of popular icons from different walks of life.



Rolls Royce has gone ahead and ahead and launched ther all new Series 2 Phantom



Rolls Royce has gone ahead and ahead and launched ther all new Series 2 Phantom in the country today.
Rs 4.50 crore for the regular version
Rs 5.10 crore for the LWB version
Prices ex-showroom Mumbai
The car is powered by a 6 and 3/4l engine churning out 453 bhp


How To Protect Your BSNL WiFi Internet



Hi everyone, we all are under the threat of terror as we are using an unprotected wifi at home or at office.

Recently the attacks on Ahmedabad city, Mumbai city and many other Indian cities were plotted and many email treaths were sent through unprotected wifi networks of our own.

Many innocent peoples from corporate level and individual level were taken to police custody as the IP Address matched from the IP Address of the treath emails sent. This was because of unprotected wifi system.

So if you are using the WiFi for internet you need to protect it right now, to avoid any problems that can ruin your life.

Unprotected or WiFi without proper encryption can be used by anyone coming under its range, anyone coming under your WiFi range can use internet without you knowing untill you get a heavy bill amounts and problems.

So I will tell you how to protect your BSNL WiFi system.

How to put username and password as well as encrption in BSNL WiFi internet system. It’s very eay, follow the following steps:


1.    First log on to websitehttp://

2.    Enter the usrname and password

3.    By default the username and password is admin/admin

4.    Now click o the Wireless link

5.    Under the Wireless link you will see Basic link, click on Basic link

6.    Check the box Enable Wireless

7.    Enter any name you like to inSSID and click on save/applybutton

8.    After you have done the above steps click on Security link

9.    Here under WEP Encrptionoption, make it Enabled

10.  So you will see some more fields to be entered

11.  Now Choose 128bit security andNetwork Key 1

12.  Enter your Network Key in the first field

13.  Network key should be in 13 Hexa digits i.e. (A-Z)(0-9)For example : ABCDEFGHZRQ98, letters are case sensitive

14.  After you have entered this settings click on save/applybutton

And here you go, your BSNL WiFi network is safe and protected.

Now go to your Network Connections and search for a wireless netwrok, you will see your name that you entered in SSID field, click on that name enter the 13 digit key and relax and surf the protected and problem free internet.

Hope this helps you.

Plz leave comments, thanks in advance.