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Nokia Lumia 1520, the 6-inch Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1520 (Photo credit: Janitors)


big screen phone, 5.5-inches and up, Windows Phone users had been limited to the 5-inch limit. However, Nokia’s Lumia 1520 changes things a great deal. The first true big screen smartphone running Windows Phone Black was shown off the media in India, today. Nokia has set the Best Buy price for the Lumia 1520 at Rs 46,999. I had the chance to use the device for a while, and the results are extremely impressive.

The 6-inch screen: The IPS factor
There have always been the fans of the big screen phones, citing tasks like typing, web browsing and games are a lot of comfortable on a big screen size. Equally, there are the critics, who immediately point to the sacrifice of the single hand usability as one of the reasons for not upgrading. Being subjective as it is, I cannot not be impressed with the Lumia 1520. The Full HD IPS display features Nokia’s ClearBlack technology, also seen on some of the earlier Lumia phones as well. The 1520’s IPS panel has purer whites and darker blacks, which makes the 1020’s screen tone look warmer in comparison. The LG G2 has one of the best IPS displays we have seen in a smartphone in a long time, but this could run it close when we do the detailed testing.

Power Package: The mistakes have been corrected
The Lumia 1520 corrects the mistakes of the 1020, primarily the power package. This features the quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, which powers the fastest Android phones out there, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With 2GB of RAM to assist, performance will not be an issue.

Camera: On paper, the Lumia 1020 is a slightly better bet
The Lumia 1520 gets the PureView family snapper, but this is a 20MP one instead of the 41MP clicker that the Lumia 1020 came with. This camera will capture a low-resolution, 5-megapixel shot and a full-resolution photo at the same time. However, low light performance of the 1520 may not be as good as the Lumia 1020, considering the smaller 1/2.5in sensor size, compared to the elder siblings 2/3in sensor. We will put this camera through a detailed test, to understand the performance differences better.


Nokia Lumia EOS shot leaked, may be called Lumia 1020 or Nokia 909


Press shots of the much-rumoured Nokia smartphone, dubbed the Lumia EOS, have been leaked courtesy of serial leaker EVLeaks. The leaker also referred to the device as theLumia 1020 in his Twitter post with one of the image, but has stated in another tweet that the phone may instead be called the Nokia 909. The pictures give us closer looks at both the display and the much-anticipated 41 megapixel camera on the back.

As is evident from the pictures, the Lumia 1020 will a xenon flash and a polycarbonate unibody. The pictures also show the AT&T logo on the top of the device, meaning that it will be available with the carrier in the US.

We’ve already seen a picture of the handset leaked last month that showed that the design of the handset will be similar to that of the Lumia 920. The picture also showed a rather large camera module on the back of the device.



Nokia unveils new metal Lumia smartphone

LONDON/HELSINKI (Reuters) – Nokia unveiled a lighter, metal model in its Lumia smartphone range, as it tries to catch the eye of buyers to close the huge market lead of rivals Samsung and Apple Incin the lucrative handset market.

The Lumia 925 is the latest in Nokia’s range using Microsoft’s Windows Phone software and will be sold for 469 euros before taxes and subsidies through carriers such as Vodafone and China Mobile .

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop has pinned the future of the loss-making company on Windows Phone, hoping to reverse a dramatic drop in revenue over the last two years.

The phone weighs 139 grams, compared with 185 grams for the earlier 920 model, which some critics had said was too heavy. It also utilizes a new smart camera mode, a photo editing function which Nokia intends to introduce to all Lumia devices.

“Lumia 925 looks like a solid product and should be able to attract new customers who have considered 920 too bulky for their taste,” said Nordea analyst Sami Sarkamies.

“One can think of Lumia 925 as a new version of Lumia 920 that has been put on a diet to fit inside an iPhone-like frame.”

Nokia has recently launched new products in the lower and mid-tier range to protect its position in emerging markets, but its success in the high-margin smartphone market will be crucial to its long-term survival.

The company unveiled the slightly heavier Lumia 928 for the U.S. market last Friday. It was priced at $99 after a rebate and a two-year deal with Verizon Wireless .

Both the Lumia 925 and 928 are targeted at the high-end, flagship segment, which accounts for 35 to 40 percent of the total global market, said Jo Harlow, Nokia’s executive vice president for smart devices.

“Our goal is to have a complete portfolio across the price range,” she told Reuters, adding that Nokia expects to see accelerated growth in sales of Lumia phones.

Sales of Lumia phones have grown in recent quarters, but at 5.6 million in first quarter, they still account for only around 5 percent of the market.

Research company Gartner said on Tuesday that Nokia lost 5 percentage points of market share in the first quarter, falling to 14.8 percent compared to number one Samsung’s 23.6 percent share. Nokia held a 19.7 percent share just a year ago.

Shares in Nokia were down 3.6 percent to 2.84 euros by 1310 GMT, valuing the company at 11 billion euros.


Nokia Lumia 920 Hands On


Nokia finally unveiled their flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920, in India. ‘Although the phone is still not out on shelves, Nokia allowed us to spend some quality time with the handset to test its new PureView camera with optical image stabilization.’. Here are some of our initial

Visually, the Lumia 920 looks almost identical to the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900. Although Nokia has been recycling this design  for some time now, it still looks beautiful. Nokia has once again used polycarbonate plastic for the unibody design, which has a glossy finish that looks and feels great.

Much has been said about the weight of the Lumia 920. There is no doubt that the phone is heavier than many of the current high-end smartphones out there on the market today. But is that really a bad thing? Not really. It takes a while to adjust to the weight if you’re moving from a lighter device but after a couple of hours you hardly notice it. It’s also not that big an issue when it comes to carrying it around in your pocket. The solid polycarbonate body and the heft also means the phone feels built to last like few devices out there.


Now coming to the camera, this was the main feature that Nokia invited us to test. We especially had a good opportunity to test the optical image stabilization used in the camera, a first for a mobile phone.

First impressions were quite positive. The images, on the phone’s display at least, looked absolutely amazing. This is partly due to the images themselves being pretty good and also because of the amazing display. Viewing the same images on a computer monitor revealed that quality was far from perfect, with chrominance noise being a major detraction. We were told the devices were pre-production units, so quality could improve with the retail units, which we look forward to reviewing in future.


Moving on, the Lumia 920 uses a 4.5-inch, 1280 x 768 resolution, PureMotion HD+ LCD with ClearBlack technology. That sounds like a lot of jargon but what’s important is that the display looks fantastic. The colors are vivid yet natural and Nokia’s PureMotion tech ensures no motion blur while scrolling. The sunlight visibility is also excellent, thanks to the ClearBlack technology. Compared side by side to a Galaxy S III directly under the sun, the Lumia 920’s display was a lot clearer and less washed out. Also, you can use the touchscreen on the Lumia 920 even through



As for the images stabilization, it didn’t make itself felt while shooting stills since the images were mostly taken in bright sunlight that significantly increases shutter speed. However, during videos, it did help smoothen some of the jerks associated with minor movements of the hands, compared to other smartphones. The videos obtained, as a result, were easily some of the best we have seen from a smartphone.

In terms of software, the Lumia 920 is running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system. Compared to other devices on the market, Nokia’s Lumia series gets the benefit of Nokia’s superior apps and services (Maps, Music, etc.) and also some exclusive games and apps from third party developers that you won’t find on devices from, say, HTC.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, this is still Windows Phone 8, which means the app ecosystem is still in its infancy. Although Microsoft does like to boast of increasing app numbers at every event, the reality is that Windows Phone still lacks most of the major apps and games that you can get on iOS or Android, making a switch a rather difficult decision. In our short time with the Lumia 920, this was the only thing that bothered us the most, with everything else being very impressive.

Nokia is yet to announce when the Lumia 920 goes on sale in India and at what price. It is expected to go on sale some time in January and we hope Nokia does not overprice it at launch, unlike some of their recent high-end devices. The hardware is good enough to go head to head with the best smartphones out there but the software is still lacking, which is something both Nokia and the buyers need to keep in mind.


Microsoft Surface smartphone could be available in Q1 of 2013


ImageEarlier this year, reports indicated that Microsoft may be building its own handset that will run on the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft did not confirm or deny the speculation, but a spokesperson stated that Microsoft, together with its hardware partners, was focused on bringing Windows Phone 8 to the market this year. In what may add fuel to these rumours, a report by BGR has indicated that Microsoft may launch its own Windows Phone 8 handset that could be launched within the next few months.   The report states, “Utilizing a strategy much like the one it is using with Windows 8, Microsoft is now looking to have its cake and eat it too in the smartphone market. With a number of high-profile partners like Nokia and Samsung secured for the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this fall, a trusted source informed BGR several weeks ago that Microsoft is quietly working on an own-brand smartphone that will compete directly with high-end devices like Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, and also with Windows Phones built by its own vendor partners, of course.” The report goes on to state that BGR’s source has informed it that the handset is in the late stage of development, and that it will be launched in the coming months. The report also indicates that much like their tablets, this smartphone too will be launched under the Surface brand name. As for the launch period, it is likely that the handset will be available by the first quarter of 2013.  The report ends by noting, “BGR has been unable to confirm the exact timing of the launch, though a second well-placed source did suggest that Microsoft will likely not release an own-brand smartphone during the first round of Windows Phone 8 device launches coming ahead of the holidays this year.”  A recent report by Windows Phone Central also shares the same views on Microsoft unveiling a smartphone, “Information has come forward to Windows Phone Central that demonstrates Microsoft does have their own Windows Phone hardware in the works; in fact, we’ve heard it already exists and is in testing. The source(s) are known to us and not anonymous, though for obvious reasons we must keep them off the record”.  WPCentral speculates the reason behind Microsoft releasing a smartphone, “Sold through Microsoft Store, the devices could fill in a niche for Microsoft while their OEM partners can have the carriers. This would allow Microsoft to have their own “vision” of Windows Phone and a way to update the devices directly, with no one compromising their vision. In addition, their OEMs will mostly be kept “happy” since unlocked phones are not the crux of their business model.”


Nokia may price Lumia 920 at Rs 42,000 in India


At the Nokia World 2012 event held a few days ago, Nokia revealed everything about the new Lumia handsets except their launch dates and prices. Rumours indicated earlier that Nokia would launch the Lumia 920 in global markets by November. As per a recent report, this handset will be priced at Euro 600 ($758), which translates to approximately Rs 42,000.

The author of WMPowerUser, Surur states, “The Nokia Lumia 920 will be released in Germany in mid-October and will retail for 600 Euro ($758, £476). The Austrian art magazine ‘Future Zone‘ reported that Nokia wants to deliver the Lumia 920 from the middle of October in Germany. They expect the handset to initially launch only in a few countries, much like the roll-out of the Nokia Lumia 800, before being available everywhere. The handset will be introduced first in Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Russia, before becomes available in late October in Poland. The Scandinavian countries, Portugal and Spain will receive the handset a short time later.”

The report adds that two weeks later, the 
Lumia 820, Nokia’s second Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be launched at a price of around Euro 450 ($568 or £357). This pricing would translate to roughly Rs 31,500 in India. 

This report would also push forward the time frame the handsets are expected to debut. If Nokia aims to reclaim its throne as a top mobile manufacturer, then it needs to get the timing of the handset’s launch right as Apple may probably launch the iPhone 5 in the second half of September.

The launch of the iPhone 5 is likely to create a major stir in the smartphone market as analysts are predicting the brand to sell 10 million units of the device within the first 10 days of its launch itself.

In an investors’ note released recently, analyst Gene Munster projects iPhone 5 sales of anywhere between 6 million and 10 million from September 21 to the end of the month. Last year, Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S units during the phone’s first three-day weekend in October. Sales of 10 million units in one week or so seem attainable this year, as long as supply meets demand. Overall, the analyst is eyeing total iPhone sales of at least 26 million units for the full September quarter, higher than the average Wall Street estimate of 22 million to 23 million.

Past rumours indicated that Nokia would price the Lumia 920 to match the iPhone. It will be interesting to see how Nokia fares in the market especially since it has a lot backing on the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Apart from Apple, Nokia also faces competition from the likes of Samsung, which also has a Windows Phone 8, the ATIV S, in its artillery, which will go head to head with these handsets.


LIVE COVERAGE WITH AKSHAY Live from Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 event


By: AKHHAY with BGR | Sep 5th, 2012 at 09:38AMImageNokia (NOK) has seen limited interest in its early Windows Phones, but not nearly enough to prevent three consecutive quarterly losses that topped $1 billion each. 2012 is a year of transition for Microsoft’s (MSFT) software platforms, however, and Microsoft previewed its next-generation Windows Phone 8 platform back in June. Nokia is Microsoft’s premier Windows Phone partner, and now we finally get to see what the Finnish vendor has in store for its new line of Lumia smartphones. Recent leaks suggest the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 will be among the handsets Nokia unveils today, but who knows what else might be in store? Our live coverage of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 press conference, which is scheduled to begin at around 10:00 a.m. Eastern, follows below.

9:40AM:Welcome to our live coverage of Nokia’s Lumia launch event! People are still making their way inside the venue and we’re probably at least 15-20 from getting started.Image

9:48AM:Not that there is any great mystery surrounding Nokia’s incoming Windows Phone 8 flagship handset, but it’ll probably look something like this:Image

9:53AM:Ok, it looks like they’re finally starting to push people towards their seats. Free food and bloggers are a dangerous combination.
9:56AM:They just announced that the show will start in a few minutes.ImageImageImage\
10:01AM:Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO has just taken the stage.
10:02AM:Nokia wants to offer users an alternative the standard grid of apps, etc. The answer, they determined, was Windows Phone.
10:04AM:Nokia’s Lumia 800 — the “first real Windows Phone” — and the Lumia 900 are responsible for Microsoft’s mobile market share growth and for developer interest according to Elop.
10:05AM:Now Elop is talking about the Asha line, Nokia has launched 10 of these devices for emerging markets.Image
10:06AM:Since those devices use a proxy for web browsing, it compresses and saves money on data.
10:06AM:Smartphone experience are happening on Asha today, and there’s more innovation in these space to come.Image
10:07AM:Today, we’re looking at ways to challenge the shortcoming of the mobile experiences of today.
10:07AM:Across all our strategies, we said Nokia would differentiate. We said we could create a distinctive Nokia experience


10:08AM:One such place is in the camera space, and locational space which he’s talking about. Today, four out of five car navigation systems use Nokia platforms.
10:10AM:We’re all excited about the next very important step. Jo Harlow is coming on stage to discuss Lumia.
10:10AM:We’re ready to take the next step…Image
10:11AM:A video is playing with the design of the Lumia and it’s focusing on the camera, and a large battery.
10:11AM:The Nokia Lumia 920. White, yellow, red colors, a PureView sensor, Snapdragon S4 processor, and more.


10:12AM:”This is the most innovative smartphone in the world and here is why”ImageImage
10:12AM:Wireless charging, the latest PureView camera for taking the best photos.
10:13AM:We’ve built in wireless charging to squeeze more out of your day.


10:13AM:The Nokia Lumia 920 captures better images and video than any competitor smartphone.
10:14AM:1.4 million images taken every day from mobile phones.Image
10:16AM:She’s explaining shutter speed, and that the shutter has to stay open longer and that exposes it to movements in your hand that cause the blur from low light conditions.
10:16AM:Nokia’s PureView will let the shutter stay open longer, but won’t react to your hand’s shakiness.Image
10:17AM:The Nokia Lumia 920 has the best smartphone camera for taking pictures and video for everyday use and we wanted to help people find places to use it.


10:19AM:There’s even a daily commute feature that’s similar to what Google is offering.
10:19AM:Nokia: We have the strongest maps experience.ImageImageImage
10:21AM:I’d write about Nokia’s City Lens but…
10:22AM:”We set out to deliver the best viewing experience on any smartphone display. Welcome to Pureview HD+”
10:22AM:Pure Motion is the best smartphone display innovation from Nokia. It’s better than HD resolution. It has a fast refresh rate and the clarity is so incredible video pops off the screen. 4.5-inch curved glass display.
10:23AM:”When you scroll through a webpage the text is super sharp.ImageImageImage
10:24AM:The display detects sunlight and adjusts the levels on the display automatically with smart polarizers and brightness.
10:24AM:A nice 2,000mAh battery is built in…
10:24AM:Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which provides up to 30 percent more battery than quad-core alternatives.


10:25AM:Wireless charging so you don’t ever have to plug your phone in…
10:26AM:Nokia’s using the Qi standard for charging so many other charging pads will work.


10:28AM:Now, let’s talk about Windows Phone 8
10:28AM:Joe Belfiore is coming on stage from Microsoft.ImageImageImageImage
10:29AM:I’m going to spend 15 minutes talking about Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920
10:29AM:We’re intending for Windows Phone 8 to delivery the most personal experience that anyone can get on a smartphone.
10:30AM:New start screen experience with new tiles and the ability to customize it so it “suits me.”
10:31AM:He’s on to the People hub now
10:32AM:The people hub aggregates everything together, including texts, Facebook posts and messages.
10:33AM:There are over 100,000 Windows Phone apps, and a lot of the announced made in June related to core technology. The app platform becomes easier.
10:34AM:He’s grabbing a CNN app and getting the tile to pin to the home screen. He’s resized it and made it extra large so he can see the top headlines.